25.04.2018 | Berliner Schaufenster 2018, Archiv |

Social Muscle Club goes Kita

For children ages 4 and up

What can I give? What would I like to have? Everything revolves around these two central questions during training for social muscles. Inspired by a labor union club founded in 1938 in Sheffield by 25 friends with the goal of “entertainment and social support“, Berlin artists came together to create a format in which people could gather to give and take. To wish for or to really need something, to give freely, to share… unconditionally. The Social Muscle Club has taken place since 2011 in numerous formats, at home and abroad, with the integrated performance program designed by extremely diverse artists. In the framework of the Berliner Schaufenster 2018, the SMC team and the Theater o.N. Ensemble will collaborate to develop a special club for children aged four and up. Working in cooperation with a nursery school, the aim of this variation is to create a space where young children and adults can negotiate as equals. This will be developed through a series of workshops within preschool groups, culminating in a premiere with children, nursery school educators, parents and artists from SMC and Theater o.N..