23rd to 29th of April

The performance schedule offered family productions at different locations in the afternoon or on the weekend. Furthermore, the productions were shown during the week in nursery schools in the Berlin districts of Wedding, Pankow, Kreuzberg, and Lichtenberg.

Along with these performances, building networks and exchanges among those active in the field was a main focus of the festival. In three research laboratories, artists from the fields of theater, new circus and contemporary dance explored new formats in theater for the very young. A day-long conference on music theater for the very young presented various approaches in this genre, and an international meeting displayed the potential within networks among artists of different countries. We hope that we initiated new cooperations and sparked artistic ideas.

We look forward to the next festival and hope to see you soon back in Berlin! 

The Berliner Schaufenster team
and the Theater o.N. ensemble

Mobile Atelier | VoicesNoisesStone – on this earth at home

A theatre workshop for small persons and big persons, young and old

Building from the experience of two musical productions for the youngest ones - »Affinity«, a performance for the ears, and the sound-art piece »Pling, little thing« -, the actors invite the audience into a room ready for experiments: where the borders defined by language are pushed open and everyone can play and discover, together or on one's own.

In the first part of the workshop, the participants go on a sensorial trip along the streak of the voice. Sounds whir above the heads. Silence. Eavesdropping. Are we hearing someone's cough? Is something rustling? Words? In Chinese? German? Turkish? A melody starts. A lullaby can soothe the children, a deeper sound prick up the ears. A call, a bird's cry, a fluster. Soft and quiet, as if we were lying in someone's lap. Loud and far-reaching, as if we were greeting from mountain to mountain. A rhythm appears. The hands clap, caress, rub. The floor becomes an instrument. Round stones roll on the floor, then big and angular ones join them. The room transforms.

In the second part of the workshop we explore how the stones sound like. All participants are given time to discover their crazy variety of tones. Listening, playing, grabbing with the hands, using the drumsticks: we share moments of making music together and listening to one another. Then the performers lead the participants out of this playful chaos with the song »Elefano«, taken from the piece »Pling, little thing« and end the trip by forming a circle and offering us a multi-vocal song.

A word by theatremaker Catherine Poher:

»We have children, they become the most important thing in our lives, but do we really dare to share our LIVES with them? To see our lives with the eyes of a child? These eyes we used to have in our own childhood?«

This workshop is maybe one step in this direction.

Research Laboratories

Together with the stage productions, the research laboratories provide the central subject for professional exchanges in the Berliner Schaufenster 2018.

Theater work for the very young is always an exploratory act of research, since this work hardly ever uses the foundation of a previously written script. Much more often, the work starts with an artistic interest in a particular material or a particular form, or even just with curiosity about the audience group.

The idea behind the laboratories is that a small group of artists meets for two or three shorter rehearsal periods between January to April and experiments on a self-generated research question, using an open and unbiased approach. If needed, they have the opportunity to test their ideas during encounters with nursery schools.

The three laboratories meet with each other once during the research phase and once at the project’s conclusion for an exchange on their work and experiences.

» Contemporary Dance«

with Florian Bücking, Rafal Dziemidok and Raisa Kröger

In the laboratory, the three artists will research the language of contemporary dance with respect to concrete possibilities in communication with very young children. In this work, they conceive of dance as an abstract and formal movement code that takes place in a specific space at a specific time. The focus of the artists’ research is working with opposites: abstract vs. concrete and narrative vs. non-narrative.

»New Circus and Theater«

with Oskar Mauricio Rojas Guasca and Minouche Petrusch

In this research laboratory, commonalities and differences between physical theater and new circus will be explored. Acrobatic acts in classical circus forms may impress us, but at the same time they also produce a certain distance, lacking the possibility for self-identification from the audience. Where is the boundary between a real interest in the other and exoticizing? Should one genre be integrated into the other; can cultures of expression exist side-by-side; are both forms dissolving together to become something new?

»Nature – Body«

with Jared Gradinger, Shelley Etkin and Doreen Markert

The three artists would like to work with children aged four and up on the very broadly-defined topic title, »Nature and Body«. The artists are interested in the relationship that young children have with our natural environment; they suspect that children are equipped with an astonishing, intuitive and physically-grounded knowledge that connects them with nature. Often, as adults we lose this connection. How does our human nature express itself? How do we communicate with each other and with other, non-human life forms? What lies at the edges of our perception, or even hidden from it? Together with a group of nursery school children, these questions will be explored – with a view towards creating the setting of an installation framework in which the material discovered can made visible.

Workshop: Appreciative Dialogue

with: Pilar Santelices (Chile/UK) and Peter Manscher (Denmark)

Appreciative Dialogue is a workshop in which we focus on the meeting between the audience and the artist. We share the artistic experiences and create space for open and curious questions.
Appreciative Dialogue is based on a positive and open approach. It’s not based on personal opinions like »I think…«.

Regardless of profession, nationality, age, experience and culture we are all experts on our own feelings and experiences, and during the workshop we will try to dig into different ways of sharing thoughts and ideas and thus hopefully learn about the many ways we experience art. And also learn to sharpen one’s own experiences and improve the ability to assess art – whether being a spectator or artist.

Productions 2018

31.05.2018 |

VoicesNoisesStone – on this earth at home (2+)

An interactive performance for small persons and big persons, young and old | Building from the experience of two musical productions for the youngest ones - »Affinity«, a performance for the ears, and the sound-art piece...more

26.04.2018 |

Prince Primrose is missing

A fairy tale medley freely adapted from the Brothers Grimm with puppets and live music for ages 5 and up | Retrofuturisten | WANTED! Prince Primrose, the fiancé of Princess Thousand Beauties, has disappeared. He was last seen...more

24.10.2016 |

Together [Zusammen]

ages 4 and up | ZIRKUSMARIA | Living together in families and societies is becoming increasingly more complex and demanding. Traditional coping strategies are not longer enough: together doesn’t mean we’re all the same....more

25.04.2018 |

Social Muscle Club goes Kita

For children ages 4 and up What can I give? What would I like to have? Everything revolves around these two central questions during training for social muscles. Inspired by a labor union club founded in 1938 in Sheffield by 25...more

24.10.2016 |

Matti Patti Bu

A theater piece with colored shadow play, one actor and live music.
 For children aged 3 to 6 | Fliegendes Theater | A man and a woman create a shadow figure. They put it together out of various pieces, let it take a few first...more

24.10.2016 |

Tiny Twine (3+)

Installation/Concert/Laboratory for ages 3+ | Theater o.N. | In this magical laboratory of sound, visible and invisible threads connect three stations within the space. Three sorcerer’s apprentices have brought their...more

24.10.2016 |

Sound Square (2-10)

Musical Performance for children ages 2-10 and adults | Theater o.N. | How can music be made visible? This was the question for the composers and musicians Florian Bergmann and Benedikt Bindewald and the actress Minouche...more


Affinity (½+)

Foto: Privat

Performance for the ears for adults as well as babies and children aged 6 months and up | »Affinity« means appeal, and that's the subject in the staging: In an open space, the audience builds little islands. The performers fill...more

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