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Affinity (½+)

Performance for the ears for adults as well as babies and children aged 6 months and up |

»Affinity« means appeal, and that's the subject in the staging: In an open space, the audience builds little islands. The performers fill the room with their voices and cover them with a tent made of sounds.

Can we touch each other using the voice instead of the body? Which sounds can reach the audience? A lullaby can soothe a child; a deep sound can draw attention. In »Affinity«, we evoke different states of mind and body and play with intensity and distance: So soft as if my head were resting in someone's lap; so loud as if we were greeting each other from mountain to mountain.

Choreographer and director Alfredo Zinola developed this production the Theater o.N. Ensemble as a commission for FRATZ International and Berliner Schaufenster 2017.

Premiere: March 10, 2017, FRATZ International and Berliner Schaufenster, Berlin (Germany)

Performed by: Iduna Hegen, Uta Lindner, Andreas Pichler
Conception and direction
: Alfredo Zinola
Musical research
: Andreas Pichler
: Dagmar Domrös
: Lena Mody
: Marek Lamprecht
: Michaela Millar
Production Management
: Doreen Markert / Olga Ramirez Oferil

Length: 30 Minuten

Supported by the State of Berlin - Senate Administration for Cultural and European Affairs

Foto: Privat

Foto: Privat