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Prince Primrose is missing

A fairy tale medley freely adapted from the Brothers Grimm with puppets and live music for ages 5 and up |

Retrofuturisten |

WANTED! Prince Primrose, the fiancé of Princess Thousand Beauties, has disappeared. He was last seen searching for the end of the rainbow. The wedding is now at risk and Princess Thousand Beauties is drowning in a sea of her own tears. It will take two heroes to seek out the Prince among all the figures of the fairy tale world. Luckily, Busy Bee and her buddy Titus the Dragon have nothing better to do right now. With the Bad Wolf in close pursuit, they get nearer to uncovering a secret...

The puppeteer troupe of the “Retrofuturisten” [“Retrofuturists”] has their heroes […] meet up with nearly all of the Brothers Grimm cast of characters. This playful game on the meta-level is one reason why this touring production will also be an enjoyable event for adult spectators. Beyond that, there is much to savor in the players’ solid, versatile handicraft: The puppeteers are just as skilled with hand puppets as with shadow play, and their precise timing creates a seamless connection to the songs in balladeer style performed by musician Schmidti to accompany the adventurous journey.«

– Carsten Niemann, Tagesspiegel, Dec. 2, 2013


Direction, script: Roscha A. Säidow
Scenic elements, performance: Franziska Dittrich, Magdalena Roth
Music: Schmidti
Production: Retrofuturisten

Premiere: September 28, 2013

Performance length: 55 minutes