24.10.2016 | Berliner Schaufenster 2018 |

Matti Patti Bu

A theater piece with colored shadow play, one actor and live music.
 For children aged 3 to 6 |

Fliegendes Theater |

A man and a woman create a shadow figure. They put it together out of various pieces, let it take a few first steps, and invent an imaginary language for it. They call it Matti. No sooner is Matti created than he wants to experience something. He prompts the man to play with him. So the man draws him a ball, and they begin to play with it.

In the course of the game, the ball transforms into a endless variety of things: Dot-dot-comma-dash and voilà, now it becomes a face. Turn the dash into a zigzag line and the face becomes a monster. The ball turns into a wheel on a car. Then Matti has a car accident. And the ball flies in a high arc right out of the picture…

Bit by bit, the piece develops into a crazy carousel of images. Finally, as Matti grows tired from all his adventures, the ball serves as a bed to rock him to sleep.

Concept and Design: Rudolf Schmid
Direction: Edelgard Hansen 

Acting and music: Marie-Elsa Drelon & Rudolf Schmid

Cooperation on puppet construction: Nicole Aebersold, Tim Sandweg