24.09.2016 | FRATZ International & Berliner Schaufenster 2017, Archiv |

a small story (2+)

A silent play with objects and stories |

It all begins with a mess. Drawers overflowing with paper, towering stacks of boxes – things seem to have been carelessly abandoned. A special kind of task force has an assignment to make some order from the chaos. The world of objects beguiles the specialists and keeps luring them astray from their mission.
In the silent interplay, images and moments of life unfold; a small story of happiness and sorrow, surprise and longing.

The object theatre performance was inspired by »eine kleine geschichte | a small story«, a co-production with scottish performer and director Andy Manley and Starcatchers, Edinburgh in 2013.

Original premiere: Septembre 24, 2016 at Berlin Showcase - Performing Arts for the very young

Directed by: Ania Michaelis
Performed by:
Jörg Kunze / Florian Stauch, Ania Michaelis / Minouche Petrusch
Jörg Kunze
Set and Objects: Fred Pommerehn
Objects: Céline Leuchter
Costumes: Gabriele Kortmann
Dramaturgy: Dagmar Domrös
Technical design: Markus Bünjer
Poduction management: Doreen Markert
Production assistant: Olga Ramirez Oferil
Tour Management & Communication: Vera Strobel

Co-production with TAK Theater Liechtenstein