| Stücke, Festivals, Berliner Schaufenster 2023 |

HOW TO FLY? (4+)

Berlocken Theaterkollektiv |

Poetic Dance Theater |

Flying? Of course! Failure? Absolutely! Hover? Always! Take a run-up? Of course! Paper airplanes? Yes, those too.

In HOW TO FLY?, the collective Berlocken explores: how can our own body fly? Which movements support the body? What methods to fly are there? And what about technical tools? Are there any borders and can you fly across them?
Where will people fly tomorrow? Will we be able to fly to unexpected places with the power of our imagination? Or will we fly through the air together, like a flock of birds?
Two performers practice flying with great physical effort and joy of discovery. They create a space in which technical and political issues are questioned through poetic images.


Concept/Direction/Artistic Direction: Berlocken Theaterkollektiv (Meriel Brütting, Carolin Herzberg, Laura Hagemann)
Performance: Meriel Brütting, Laura Hagemann
Set design: Carolin Herzberg
Set technician: Jan Bernstein
Make-up: Luzie Milena Weigelt
Music: Jonathan Reiter
Lighting design: Stefan Neumann
Dramaturgical advice: Martin Nachbar
Advisor: Gabi dan Droste
Outside eye: José Huibers
Producer: Emilia Schlosser

Duration: 60 minutes
Theatre without language

A co-production of Berlocken Theaterkollektiv with with FELD Theatre for Young Audiences, funded by the Berlin Senate Department of Culture and European Affairs. Collaboration with Werbellinsee Grundschule.