| Berliner Schaufenster 2023, Stücke, Festivals |

The scared rabbit volunteers (4+)

Agora Theater |

The Scared Rabbit Volunteers are Pipo, Vermel and Dee. They run a special rescue service: they fight fear. In order to do this, they have to track fear down and confront it. Fears live behind closed doors. Sometimes there is a tiny scare or a minor fright and sometimes there is a disturbing, ominous threat. This is all in a day’s work for the three volunteer adventurers. With their service, they want to give courage to fearful people, small and big, all over the world. The three charactersstory is driven by a search for an attitude towards the world, a curiosity about surprises and the irrepressible desire to laugh in spite of everything, no matter what. 


Direction: Catharina Gadelha, Ania Michaelis
Performance: Leila Putcuyps, Roger Hilgers, Wellington Barros
Music: Wellington Barros
Scenography: Céline Leuchter
Technical Direction: Clemens Hörlbacher
Costumes: Petra Kater
Theater Pedagogical Support:Maribel Saldaña Marquez
Graphic Design: Nicolas Zupfer
Directing Assistance: Susi Muller
Production Assistence: Susi Muller
Dramaturgy: Annika Serong
Artistic Direction Agora: Catharina Gadelha, Anja Michaelis

Duration: 45 Minutes